Need to update Kali after first intallation? y/n

Just starting the Python & E-Hacking course, so I’ve installed Kali from the suggested 2020 revised version.
However, I wonder if an update is needed after that first installation in order to get the latest fixes.

If yes, can I run a full-upgrade safely or do I have to pay attention to some points that are particular to this revised version?

Thanks for any help.

No, you don’t need to run an upgrade. You can run an update and that’s fine.

Thanks for your help, Apurv-StationX.

As “you don’t need” is not the same as "You better not to … ", I’ve tried a full upgrade after having saved a snapshot of the machine. Well, for the course I will used the snapshot based version, as the full upgrade has given me an completely different environnement.