Netsh wlan show profile command on windows virtual machine

Hi there. I’m following the Learn Python & Ethical Hacking from Scratch course and I’m currently on sending reports by email. When I go to my windows virtual machine and enter the command “netsh wlan show profile” i get the message “There is no wireless interface on the system”

Do you have an external wifi adaptor for connecting to the Wifi and also do you have that connected to the VM? If you don’t have an external wifi adaptor, you do have to buy it. Normally, your Wifi network will be considered as Ethernet inside VM. This is why we need an external adaptor to connect to the VM.

No I don’t have an external WiFi adapter. Do you recommend any or should any random one be good enough?

There is a limited number of adaptors that work correctly. Look at this article: You can choose any from it.