Network+ 008 exam

Hey the N10-008 exam is coming out in September, will it make a difference which one I take? Should I wait for that and will you have classes for that? Or should I just try to hurry up and do the 007 and will employers care?

Retirement Summer 2022 (this is from CompTIA)

The advice of all teachers is not to take the latest exam right away. There is simply not enough study material available for the first few months. And if you have until next summer, just go for the 007. It really doesn’t matter which version you pass. Net+ is Net+.

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Appreciate it Mate

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Will we have access to the Total Seminar Network+ Course?

If you really want to go for the N10-008.
You need to ask @NathanHouse @Tiron @Apurv-StationX.
But you can take the exam for the N10-007 until June.