New to Cyber world

Hello I just wanted to say hello to everyone.

Ive been working in IT for many years but not been involved in the in-depth cyber security world, something I would like to know more for my future employment so I decided to sign up.
I’m looking forward to starting the course and learning a lot about cyber security.

Have you see this;

Might help.

Hi Nathan,

Thanks, I’ll read it later over lunch or when I’m home.

Hi Nathan,

Is there any way I can download the cyber course im doing so i can watch it when Im offline??

Which course are you doing?

Hi Nathan,
I initially replied via email and then thought you might not receive it.

The course I’m doing is the Complete Cyber Security Course and at the moment i’m going through volume 1.
It was just something I was thinking about if I’m at work or somewhere and I can’t get a Wi-fi or mobile network.


Its currently streaming only. Sorry.

Thanks for the quick reply, Its no problem I can read the pdf on the course if I’m in the situation with no Wi-fi / mobile network.

I’m enjoying the course a lot, makes me worry a bit how some people can obtain information so easily if you are not careful.

Thanks again


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