New to cybersecurity course

Hi all cannot wait to dive into the information that is available and hopefully I can assimilate the information in a manner that will allow me to take the tests needed to gain employment in this vast wonderful industry! Let me know if you have any tips that will help me out along the way.


Hi @Jgoose52 , welcome to the community. You should start with complete cybersec courses in order and then move to other courses. You can ask any questions in this discourse and also search for questions that may have been answered before.

Best of luck. I believe in you!

Im am going through all this and nathan is good at explaining however i cant honestly believe i can retain all this information it way too much how am i gonna be able to take the cysa+ or any certification when i wont be able to remember all this? I am taking notes as fast as its available but WOW this is alot for someone who just knows the basics of IT. How do you do this?

I think you just start slowly and keep taking notes for everything in one place so that you can refer it back and not waste time finding the notes. Also effectively taking notes is a key

You are not the only one with this fear.
Same here but I think of it as overthinking.

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