New to the course, got a couple questions!

Hello, everyone! :slight_smile:
I bought the course a while ago but never really got into it, but now I’ve decided to give it a shot and study cyber security. Just wanted to make a couple questions so I can align my expectations with the reality I’ll face:

1- Will it be necessary that I learn how to code to be good at cyber security? If yes, which language (or languages) is the most important one?

2- Do I need a good computer to practice cyber security? I have a weak laptop and I fear my hardware will stop me from improving at some point.

Thanks for your time!

I always recommend Python as a language for security professionals. It’s a great easy first language to learn and allows you to create highly functional programs with not much code. Its good for penetration testing, security operations, cyber security roles and general automation of tasks. Learning Python is one of the best ways to grow your skills and advance your career.

Learning bash/shell is also good if you like pen testing and security operations.

Final point. Learning a programming language is not 100% required for all security roles. Some roles just don’t need it especially those that are less technical like management. But I would recommend learning coding it if you want to be the best and Python is a good place to start. (on sale)

You need a machine with a minimum of 8GB for virtual machines and 250GB+ harddrive space.

Thank you! :slight_smile: