New to your Course (Having trouble with ISO's)

Hi and happy new year!
I reached download windows ISO images section at minute 8.14 in the complete ethical hacking certification course v10 and I got stuck.

You said at minute 8.14 you’d provide other links that were not attainable from windows website. In the video you did not provide those links and I was wondering how I can download the ISO’s you require for the continuation of the class that are not on the windows website for trial. Can you please provide me with a full list of links to download and complete this section and other sections so I can get started and finish the class?
Im pretty much stuck at the course material needs for the completion of this course.



below the video is a pdf with a lot of information.
Always look under the video. I hope this helps: p

Thanks Edwin,
Those links you’re mentioning I found. They were under a different video then the one he was talking about downloading. Thats why I didn’t see them and couldnt find them.