Nexpose found hole I can't plug!

Doing a penetration test on my own system, I found port 8443 was open via VMware VirtualCenter Web Service. Apparently, it’s susceptible to the Poodle Scan. I confirmed it was open with a Zenmap scan from another machine.

I ran Metasploit from the other machine and tried to get in, but the only response I got was “Scanned 1 of 1 hosts (100% complete)” and Auxiliary module exection completed". I couldn’t do anything else.

I tried to close it with the Windows Firewall, denying access inbound or outbound to the port (both tcp and udp, although it’s a tcp exploit). Although an online Poodle Scanner test couldn’t find it, Zenmap still showed it was open.

Had this been a client, I’d be looking pretty foolish right now. What am I missing? Is it a genuine exploit, and if so, how can I close it?

Thanks for the help. BTW - I tried installing NexPose numerous times on the Kali laptop, but with only 4 gigs of memory it just didn’t work. It slowed it down to a crawl and wouldn’t allow me to log in once it was registered. I finally installed it on Windows and it works perfectly (more memory, I’m guessing).

Hello Russell,

Auxiliary modules are meant only for “scouting” purposes, they are not meant for you to hack into a machine.

Zenmap can bypass firewalls with -Pn command, but that does not mean that the port if open, it could be “filtered” by Windows Firewall.

You can try to search “VMware VirtualCenter Web Service” on google / exploit db to see if there are any exploit for your current version of VMWare :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need anything else,

Thank you!