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I began taking the “Nmap Course”. I’m on the section of ‘How to Install Nmap’ - Cloud Based Hacking Map. I’d like to use AWS as my cloud service, however, I don’t know how to set it up specifically for this course, and even in general. Can someone provide me with some help?

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I havnt taken the Nmap course yet but i will in the future but out of interest, What do you want to setup in the server? Ubuntu? What is the purpose?

Also are you familiar with cmd line base procedure to operate and to connect to the server using ssh through programs like putty?

Basically the course suggest to have a Cloud Server to use NMap there without having issues with the network you’re on, ex. school/work/etc.

Nathan suggested Debian, Kali is also available for AWS.

And in regards to the cmd line, no, but I’d like to learn :slight_smile:

So the server will contain a live operating system like Debian or Kali and you want to use the server to learn how to use Nmap in school/work situations? Why not buying a cheap 8gb~+ Pendrive and preloading it with kali which has Nmap onto a laptop?

Again, i have not taken the course yet so im not so sure of the objective but if its to learn Nmap, Why not boot onto Kali and take it from there since it comes pre-loaded?

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Ahh gotcha. Yeah, I already have Kali on my laptop through VMware, so i think that would be enough. Maybe later on during the course it explains better about the Objective of having a Cloudbase server, or simply it was just to have a “Operating System” in the cloud to use anywhere.

Anyhow, thanks!

I have found this book on this section of Kalis website (https://home.pearsonvue.com/kali) Download link for the online copy: https://kali.training/downloads/Kali-Linux-Revealed-1st-edition.pdf

A fantastic book which breaks down Kali and explains allot from the Ground up (literally from Debian all the way up to Kali)

If you are wanting to dive deep, this is the perfect book which I highly recommend breaking down fundamental key points

Good luck!

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