Nmap ports state

Why isn’t port 80 (also port 8080) showing up in nmap scan as they are being used so not closed, turned off anti-virus so no protection but ports still not showing as open, either on win7 or win10 OS.

Are you scanning a web server? What are you scanning?

Thanks for reply, just a laptop on my home setup, where I run a couple of Windows machines and linux for my testing. That laptop is running Win7 pro. Tests tell me that ports 80 is closed but am I confusing myself thinking that it must be open as it is being used online, but my Win 10 machine also shows 80 closed (and 8080) on both machines. I have tried with my Internet security (Kaspersky) on and off but results are the same.

It seems you may need a course on basic networking. Only servers have open ports. Clients open a source port but is a random port. Have a google for something that explains TCP/IP ports and client server communications.

Thanks, I am enrolled in several courses, including networking and your Cyber Security, seems I need to get my learning sequence sorted out.

Just started apache server on a Linux machine so i can see that opened port 80.
thanks again.

Ok great. :grinning: