Nmap Virtual Machine

Hi Nathan,

Can you provide virtual Kali Linux with Nmap & Its GUI installed. In addition please get me the virtual images of MacOS and windows XP(I need it for installing some old software) with Nmap installed on both Kali & MAC virtual Machine. Infact, you are the expert and know the best online resources. I have only one computer and cannot test everything on that. It can harm my only source of learning.

Also, as I told you, I don’t have a credit card.

Would be very grateful, please.

Thanks and Profound Regards,

Muhammad Rizwan


For the virtual kali linux go here. Choose according to the base software(vmware/virtualbox) that you will be running them on. Follow the instructions as mentioned on the website. For the Nmap GUI version, in kali its called Zenmap. Use the instructions mentioned here.

Virtual images of MacOS are legally available only for Mac machines. Check this and this for more information on how to do it differently.

For windows XP, this should help.

To install nmap, you will have to do it on your own once you have the virtual machines installed.

One of your best ways of learning would be to install virtual machines and test things inside them so that your main machine doesnt get harmed.

Hopefully this helps.