Noob Advice

As I am just getting in depth into my studies of Cyber Security, I am wanting to keep up-to-date with current exploits, vulnerabilities, and other security related materials.

There is quite a bit of resources out there. CERT, SANS, Dark Reading, StationX, not to mention the specific OS sites, Windows, DSA, RHSA.

What do you consider the “better” sites to harvest info from without filling up one’s inbox with a multitude of information?

Thank you in advnce

Thanks to all who took time to answer this inquiry.

Hi Mike,

Sorry you didn’t get the answer you were hoping for (at all, truth to be told) but it is almost impossible to answer. SC is a wide topic and people tend to gravitate towards different areas in it so they would, of course, follow different sources.

For the news from official sources the best option is to follow official sites, if working on windows servers then follow windows OS security and so on.

For general news you can pick up any of the prominent news sites, even a simple filtered for cyber security will do.

For a insight into the filed you can follow some of the popular blogs from the people in the industry. Sure they will promote themselves but many are also genuinely interested in sharing the knowledge. You can start by taking a look at a simple list like here

As a rule blogs belonging to a company will offer quick updates and frequent content but personal blogs will offer more in-depth material.

Hope this helps at least a bit.

It does. Excellent answer, thank you