Not receiving the reports from BeeLogger [solved]

I’m not receiving the reports on my email from BeeLogger. I’ve done perfectly step by step 2 times and nothing.

*I put my email and my password correctly on BeeLogger.

*I enable the less secure apps.

*I waited more that 2 minutes that is the time that the reports arrive to the email.

*The BeeLogger file was correctly downloaded on my Windows machine.

The same situation doing the exercises with laZagne

Hmmm, check your spam and make sure you’re typing the email and the password correctly, cause it works fine here for me.

Has anyone found a solution yet? I’m having the exact same problem using both beeLogger and LaZagne.

I just did the hole process again with BeeLogger and LaZagne and i just received the reports from LaZagne. Unfortunately I’m not continue receiving the report of BeeLogger, that’s really sad because i think that BeeLogger is a good tool.

What do you recommend me? I like to continue advancing on the course. What do you think is happening?

Exist another similar tool?

So you only recieved the report once and it stopped?? if so then this might be an issue with BeeLogger itself, in this cause I suggest submitting an issue to its developers here

For the mean time just progress through the course, there’s still lots of things to learn, you want use Beelogger after this lecture anyway.

One thing that was causing an issue to someone here is his password contains symbols, that was somehow messing up with the code, make sure that the username and password are made up of letters and numbers only.