Opinions on Epic Browser?

What is your opinion about Epic as a second browser for general purposes? Can the built-in, free VPN be trusted to not leak information?

It claims to be “the world’s only private and secure web browser, blocks ads, trackers, fingerprinting, cryptomining, ultrasound signaling and more”.


Technically chrome with its sandboxing and patching speed is a safer choice for security but I recommend Firefox. Google who develop Chrome have a business model that is reliant on tracking users for the purposes of advertisement. It is not in Googles best interest to restrict its own business model. So there is a conflict of interest between how they do business and privacy. Mozilla the guys behind Firefox have no such business model and need for tracking.

Since Firefox 57 Quantum came out, Firefox is faster than Chrome too. On the down side since Firefox 57 Quantum some security and privacy add-on don’t work which is a real pain. So I recommend Firefox specifically configured and with security extensions added for security, privacy and anonymity.
For pure security. Chrome is stronger really.
Covered in Volume 2.

For more extreme security/privacy and anonymity I use the Tor browser (modified Firefox). This can be used with and without the Tor network.

Another browser to consider is Brave, but this is still a little new for me.

Epic is too new for me. Not enough eyes on it yet.

From what little I could see on their website I do not see anything that can not be achieved with Firefox and a smart selection of options and addons.

You have Containers, especially Facebook Container to isolate FB from other tabs
Cookie AutoDelete to remove cookies
History Cleaner and Link Cleaner to remove local trakcs
Disconnect or DuckDuckGo for safer search
NoScript, Ghostery, uBlock to block unwanted content
and this is just to name a few most well known

The problem is you need to become a little technical to find, install and manage the extensions and for most people that is a chore, it is much easier to do nothing and be unprotected :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I use Firefox as first broswer, just wondering between Epic or Brave as second.

From my experince

I moved from Firefox to brave to see - it was good to start with as usual but you will notice that it has some sort of disk leak - Im not sure what it is but when i use brave my C drive is always at 99% and CPU useage at 70% which is stupid high. (Git issue seen here https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/3030 which shows that this happens to several users)

Since doing the courses, and learning how to use Ublock and Umatix at an advance level (I would say) It is far better.

You have more control over which scrips,cookies ect to allow and it doesnt drive you laptop crazy.

That’s interesting! Thank you.

Any feedback on the privacy focused Brave browser? Ive found it to be reliable and fast, with access to the google chrome app store and disabling of the anti-privacy chrome features

Firefox i find can be resource hungry and buggy at times

I prefer Firefox as it has more eyes looking at it. “Secure” browsers in the past have not turned out to be that secure once a few people started looking at it. But I think Brave is looking good. Just too soon for me. Firefox with addons does what you need.

Hm, I tried to use Epic for 2 years but then i change it for gologinapp because of very difficult interface. UX/UI is very bad I think(