/opt directory permissions in Kali 2020

Hi everyone, I am trying to install Veil into the /opt directory in Kali. However when I write the clone link into the command line, I am given a ‘fatal’ error. I have tried running the same command with the ‘sudo’ command as the admin but get a bash error. I have a suspicion that it is simply a permissions problem, but I am only aware of Read Write and Execute permissions. What permission would allow me to clone from GitHub? If anyone can help, that’d be great and appreciated.

On what user level are you @Tinker?. Are you on “root” or “kali” level. Also can you attach the screenshot of the error while cloning the git repo?

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Hello Tinker,
Are you sure you are using new kali image provide by Zaid ?
If not you can download it using following link.

Sithum Abeydheera.

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Hi Apurv and Sithum,
thanks for getting back to me. It is much appreciated. Sithum, I am using the latest iso of Kali on Virtual Box downloaded directly from the Offensive Security site and up-to-date. Apurv, it makes no difference if I use sudo or normal user. I don’t get access to clone directly into /opt. I have managed to get Veil into the /opt directory but I had to clone it into my home directory first and then use sudo to move it into the /opt directory. I was thinking of using chmod on the /opt directory. But what do you set the permissions to. Any further help, guys would be great.

You should never change permissions of Linux directories apart from the home directory. They are there for a reason so that no one deletes or modifies something that they regret it later. You will need to use the “sudo” command to clone the repo in any of the directories of Kali except home. Also, cloning on the home directory and moving it to /opt is perfectly fine, you don’t need to change the permissions of /opt for that.

Thanks again Apurv for getting back to me. I really appreciate it. I will stick with cloning straight into the home directory and then moving into the /opt directory. There are some pieces of software that I am having trouble getting from github. Namely Empire and LaZagne. Do you know if I can get them anywhere else? If not, how do you keep up-to-date with current tools. As Veil, TheFatRat, Empire and LaZagne don’t ship with Kali, so do you know how you find replacement tools for these, if the need arises? Any help Apurv, would be great. Thanks.

You should use the custom Kali version https://www.stationx.net/custom-kali-linux-2020/. It includes all these tools pre-installed in it. You can also install these tools from their original GitHub repo, but that is a tedious work.