Parrot vs Kali

Hey guys!
I’m starting this thread to get opinions, user experiences, advice on tweaks etc. I managed to install Parrot OS alongside Kali in dual boot native.

Seems like the toolkit in Parrot OS is focussed on wireless. Please share your thoughts and questions if you can.


I have never used ParrotOS but have heard good things about it

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I’ve used both many times and honestly, I’d say it’s a matter of preference. I personally prefer Kali but Parrot seems to have a more user friendly layout. It also has a nice GUI by default. With Kali, I had to install gnome and other such things to make it more presentable but Parrot seems to have a nice look upon installation. Both have many tools pre-installed and both are Debian based so the commands are mostly the same. If you do plan on going for your OSCP, I would recommend Kali simply because it’s their own OS but apart from that, both are pretty solid for any pentest scenario. I hope this helps.