Password creation

Hi all,

We all know that it is important to create a long complex password for every account we have and also we should not use the same password for all the accounts we have. But my question now will be:

How do i remember all the passwords i created since every passwords will be unique, have a combination of letters, numbers and symbols and also not using passwords with actual words with it inside (e.g. applepie).

It is not humanly possible to remember all those passwords, I think I have almost a hundred of them. Especially those who are like me and avoid registering for anything with Google and Facebook, I always create a separate email account.

The only option is to use a password software where you store all your passwords and then that password list file is encrypted. You need only to remember 1 password but this creates another set of problems: how do you ensure safety of that password list file and to make sure you always have a backup.

Ive used password managers in the past, and they are fairly good, but not totally ideal either. For example, lastpass 2FA can be bypassed in many cases by just closing the popup window! Personally i find using characters with memorable phrases together can be helpful, such as #Thebl@ckr@ts@tinmyvelveth@t# but i need to step up my game as well. I’d consult youtube for some good discussion on the topic