Password length for 256bit Hardware Full-Disk Encryption

Hi, Nathan!

in the course you recommend, for optimum security for 256 bit encryption at least 43 char passwords. How about for unlocking a hardware full-disk encryption using a SED SSD with AES 256 bit encryption? – Should that also be that long, or is a lot shorter enough, as probably can’t brute force easily? How long would you say is enough?



P. S.: My system uses SEDutil-cli (boots into a SEDutil cli to unlock device, otherwise reboots).

Even with 256 bit, anything above 20 characters is a good password. With current computation power, it would take years to crack the password

Thank you!

Is it possible to brute force attack hardware encrypting SED SSDs at all?

On reading this blog - SSDs with usable built-in hardware-based full disk encryption - vxlabs, I think yes it is possible