Patch panel or 110 punch down

Mike Myers in his CompTIA A+ Core 1, Chapter 13, subchapter Structured Cabling; refers to a panel he mounted to equipment rack as Patch panel and later he calls the same panel 110 punch down (and shows how to use the 110 punch down tool)

I’ve searched for the difference between the two, and they are indeed different since the source says 110 punch down is the predecessor to the Patch panel.

Is Mike Myers or the random source I found on the internet right?

Thank you in advance

In switch rooms, 110 blocks are often built into the back of patch panels to terminate cable runs. (Read the word “often”)

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Aaah… Now I get it. Thank you so much Check this channel. 2 times a week you can ask Mike Meyers these questions. Good luck with the study!

Tnx again. Didn’t know about this channel and will definitely use it. Bless you