Pentesting - no module name tauntaun_dispatch

In the pentesting for web (MVC Frameworks), I edited the as instructed. When I tried to run python migrate, it told me there was no module named tuantaun_dispatch.


I kept on and did the editing in, which was reflected in the when I checked it. But when I tried to run python runserver, it gave me the same error about tauntuan_dispatch.


BTW - installing Django was not as simple as the course said, I had to update / upgrade aether, install python pip, then install Django - which didn’t work. I had to install an older version, using the command. python -m install “django<2” . I realize this course was done a couple of years ago, but please - put some updated informatoin in there. I’m wasting hours of valuable time trying to get things to work. I gave up completely on two other courses, they were hopelessly deprecated.

The answer was that I had to run everything prefaced by sudo. I deleted everything and started over, and with that method it worked. I had to add “8010” to the command: python runserver 8010, as using the default port gave me the error that it was already in use.

Now - he clicks on the link and opens a browser. I installed a mouse and firefox, but get a “no display environment variable specified”. This is a completely command line OS, like DOS 2.0 (yes, I had that.)

Any clues here?