Pidgin+OTR or Pidgin+OTR+TOR

Specific question on using Pidgin, i am working with people who do journalist investigations on corruption, sometimes is not safe to use traditional methods such as Skype, telephone and messengers. Sometimes, i need to receive information on corruption issues and share it with public community. Therefore, i handled to use Pidgin+OTR. However, by default Windows keeps logs after every conversation and it is possible to recover any dialog by forensics instruments. What can be a solution to enhance the privacy of my dialog with other journalists. If i add TOR into my chain, is it good enough? Then i have question, if traffic goes into the TOR, then the exit node can sniff it, is it correct? Or OTR+TOR prevents sniffing since OTR needs to be decrypted

Why not use Signal?

You need a non-persistent operating system if you want to clear out any forensic data.

Dear Nathan,

Thank you so much for Signal, didn’t heard about it. In Russia i havent seen any discussion on this topic so far on many forum boards.


Vol 4 has a section on secure messangers,