Please help! ARP who has ? says?

Does anyone encounter this issue? cannot find reference ‘ARP’ in I have tried to reinstall the scapy and still does not work. I am using Pycharm as an Editor. Please help. I am stuck on this issue for days.

This is my code below:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import scapy.all as scapy

def scan(ip):
arp_request = scapy.ARP(pdst=ip)




Hi @Allan_Castro, I suppose this has to do with the version of the Scapy you are using. Try installing the custom Kali from this link it will have the correct version of Scapy. If not then install the correct version fo Scapy in the following way:

pip uninstall scapy
pip uninstall scapy-http
pip install scapy==2.4.2
pip install scapy-http==1.8.2