Please HELP! What should I do?

Hey! Please, help. Today I open the application KeepassX, enter the password, and he tells me that the database does not match. Looked at it, and it opens like a picture. :frowning: I have Linux Arch, I recently downloaded the music album Komiku. What could it be? Should I be afraid that someone stole my accounts?

I think you might have entered the wrong password or selected the wrong db. I don’t know if downloading a music album will mess with Arch as if it were to be a trojan, it would have been made for Windows and not Linux. So, it’s a high chance that you are doing something wrong here.

I thought so too. But I didn’t replace this database with passwords myself with a picture!

Yeah I don’t know about that picture. Maybe try uploading it to a site like virustotal and see if it is malicious or not. Please note if virustotal narks it as non-malicious, it doesn’t mean thta it really is that. It can also mean that virustotal has never seen it