Port forwarding

why i cant port forward is it because i’m behind NAT, how to solve any suggestions thank you

Not enough context. Are you referring to a setting on a router?

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Yes Sir Nathan
I’m using a DSL router provided by ISP
is there a way that I can port forward or I need a router beside what my ISP provide

Did I miss something? if i put a wan ip samething nothing happen…
thank for help

I don’t know how your router works. If it’s from the ISP then ask them.

Yep anyway … is there any other way to port forward? any router suggestion? or tunnel? I recently use ngrok it work perfectly but the bad news ngrok generates random ports…means if you already have a persistence once you reboot your computer and run ngrok and metasploit again your payload can’t connect back to your kali
thank you

Not sure if this helps you, but I use to go to this site a lot when I worked for Time Warner Mid-west network Ops. center in the US.


thanks Ill check network utility later thanks

You can port forward with netcat and socat and alternatives. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32838811/alternative-for-netcat-utility

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Thank you Nathan
it is ok if the victim has no nc?
I think socat is better than netcat I’ll try socat i heard of this but i didn’t try it