**Hi Zaid,

Lecture:Learn Bug Bounty Hunting & Web Security.

When you start the first lab from the portswigger.net website, things have changed on the site and if you could please point out which one is the lab you are using on portswigger. The link to the web would be great.
Thank you for the well-prepared videos. The videos are very informative.**

Thanks Zaid, I managed to navigate to Source disclosure via backup files page. I sometimes waste reading time setting up labs that is why I do not hesitate to ask as soon as I hit a hard surface.

Hi Zaid,

The search button you used to search for “secret” on the lab files. How did you install that please. A search ext on Chrome is not showing up. I need to search for texts in bak files after running feroxbuster. Thanks in advance.

Which exact video you are going through in the course?