Post hack problems


I’ve run a 1.5.26 site for some time. It’s a simple website for a small business.It was hacked & then recovered by my host however there have been a few issues post hack which I’ve been unable to solve.

  1. It’s very slow to load. Up to 15 seconds for the home page. My host has checked it & report it’s all fine from their end
  2. I’ve run it through a few hack checkers & they report some cloaking.
  3. When searching on google it presents weird title & site descriptions Permanently -
  4. I’ve reindexed via google webmaster tools, new site map etc & it all reports fine.
    Site owner is not interested in upgrading as it is a simple brochure site.

please help

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Not sure exactly what the cause of this is but it sounds like either your having a caching problem and there is an older less up to date version of your site being hosted or your sites DNS has been hijacked to attempt a phishing attack on your users. Is the URL correct in the Google results where the meta title and description are wrong. For instance: verses Also watch out for things like Good luck and hopefully this is already solved