Powershee-empire error

after giving command execute its showing invalid listener id or name in powershell-empire, anyone help

I can’t help without the following things:

  1. which lecture and course are you on?
  2. Any error screenshots that you can send
  3. What steps you followed that led to the error or exception?

This is from Learn Social Engineering From Scratch by Zaid,
1-powershell-empire server
2-powershell-empire client
3-uselistener http
4-set Port 8080
6-usestager windows/launcher_bat
7-set Listener http
8-set Outfile empire_8080.cat

Did the execute step before this particular module worked? The step where you didn’t need to use stager and directly use execute statement? Also check if the listener is set to http or not by typing “options” and checking in that table for “Listener” row. If it is not set to http then use syntax as uselistener http

hi when i set port
shell telling me
could not find field: port
can any one help me

How are you setting the port. Can you share the exact command you type?