Probblems with wlan0 and wlan0mon

hi im taking zains course for ethical hacking and im have problems with the deauther section, whenever i attack my vicitm it sends the packets but dosent boot them, ive tried everyway to fix it then i realized that when ever i go into monitor mode my wlan0 doesnt change to wlan0mon ive tried to fix that but it just wont work pelase help me its really frustrating and i want to keep going with the course i have Alfa AWUS036NHA if that helps

I found that it only changed mine to wlan0mon when I started the interface back up using airman-ng start wlan0. The other method doesn’t change the name.You could just use wlan0 as long as its in monitor mode

so i can still use wlan0 but that doesent explain why my deauthers dont work even tho they send the packets? but thank you though, so i just tried the airman-ng start wlan0 but it says command not found? idk what im doing wrong?