Problem with Bug Bounty

Hey! When I test the Web site for Bug Bounty Program, I was blocked. Then I cannot access the site from the device from which I tried to hack. I use different VPNs. Even the Tor Browser does not work. What information gives me away?

What is Bug Bounty Program? Are you talking about bugcrowd or hackerone? Or is it some website that you are performing bug bounty on?


I said about sites that i’ve been testing.

Usually websites perform browser fingerprinting, so if you have similar addons enabled on your browser then they identify that the traffic is coming from the same machine. I don’t know why Tor browser is not working as it is entirely different thing in terms of traffic generation. Maybe that website is blocking tor traffic. Try VPN and different browser to overcome this issue. Also, when you are testing the site, change your HTTP headers and IP every time to make it seem that the traffic is coming from different places

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