Problem with my old Laptop windows vista

Hi station community , this is my old PC (more than 5years), it have many issues but I have no idea what are they, I will appreciate if you can help me fix it, and maybe transfer it to a new laptop, there is an error code that comes every time I switch it on. I tried to reboot the system but it didn’t work , I will post some pictures and a videos if I can and hopefully it can help you to diagnose the problem.

Other question:

Any little help more than appreciate it :v:

Many thanks :pray:

Maybe this helps

And about the battery. If it’s still the original battery then there is a Dell part nr. on it. But you a can also check

A hard drive usually indicates a failed hard drive, but you can repair and fix hard drive error code 0146 by manual methods. You may consult the data recovery experts for getting data recovery