Problem with scrollbar in StationX courses

Often when I go to scroll up or down the list of lessons in a course, the pointer turns into a hand icon. When I try to scroll up or down, either nothing happens at all (so I’m stuck there) or a new window opens up, displaying the Discourse forum. Either way, I’m stuck. I don’t have this issue on other websites.

I had the same issue. When you see the hand icon, try slowly moving the pointer to the right until you see the scroll bar become “highlighted,” then click, hold, and scroll. Worked for me.

The scrollbar for the lef aligned frame isnt working. It is frustrating, no browser - edge, firefox or crome works. I have tried everything. Tx

Same here. Scroll bar is inactive which prevents access to lessons.

Having the same issue. The scroll seems like locked.

I have informed Nathan about this

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We are aware of this bug and are working on a resolution.

A fix has been applied and it should be working fine now.