Problem with Veil on Linux Arch

Hi everyone! I am using Linux Arch on my laptop + Black Arch repositories. How to fix Vail installation error?

[ERROR] There was issues installing the following:
Failed with installing wine (6): 0
[I] If you have any errors running Veil, run: ‘./ --setup’ and select the nuke the wine folder option

Did you try what it is saying in the last line? running ./ --setup?
Also, I need to see what command you ran so you are getting this error. It is very hard to just see this and think about the solution.

Yes, command is ‘./ --setup’
Displays a lot of errors in the process, then says that the problem is with Wine. Can I try again and attach that big log here?

Yeah attach the screenshot of everything you are doing

Okay. Here

I think there’s a different way to configure wine in Arch Linux. Please look at this link and follow the instructions:

Thanks you.