Problems about MITMF and WIRESHARK

Hello Nathan…

I have this problem 1. the MITMF can’t eject pocket any suggestions please
2. WIRESHARK cant capture http… is their’s something wrong with my interface
thank you for the help… :slight_smile:

Hi Lucky,

  1. Did you mean that mitmf can’t capture any packet?
    2.Wireshark can only capture packet if they are passing through the interface wireshark is looking for. So there may be 2 possibilities,
    i) No data is being passed through the interface that you are sniffing.
    ii)If you are sure that data is getting passed from the interface it should be, then probably you are sniffing incorrect interface.

Possibility of first case is maximum , so please make sure of that.


I mean MITMF cant inject js
Thanks … I solved the problem in MITMF maybe my wireless is not supporting inject but support monitor mode…
WireShark: i use eth0 i capture a lot of tcp but if i try to filter http i got nothing thank you for your help :slight_smile: