Problems accessing Practice Test for CompTIA IT Fundamentals

I wanted to test my knowledge for the CompTIA IT Fundamentals course. However, after entering my name and email address, I clicked Start but the same page shows up and not showing the practice test questions. Can you please help me to look into this matter? Thank you.

I checked and it works fine for me. Which Start button is the problem?
There is one Start to start the practice test (picking #1 or #2) and then there is another start on the page with the test intro. Or maybe you can share the screenshot?

After I entered my name and email address, it goes back to the same page as the second screenshot. It does not start the test. I tried accessing the second test and it showed the same result.

I have sent you a PM.

Hi @Tiron , I am getting the same problem, can you help me? :slight_smile:

Ya Same problem when i try this