Problems converting filename from .exe to .pdf [solved]

I have problem renaming an exe file to pdf. I followed all the steps but, windows is not displaying the extension as expected. For example I used a name "nexposfdp.exe " and pasted “right to left” character between “s” and “f”. Everything was ok on leafpad but the name turned to “nespos.pdfexe” when i pasted it in the rename box. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Very strange, never seen an issue like this, please just try to do it again as you might have missed something small, it might be due to the language that you’re using on Kali, is it set to English?

Also try to do something link nexpose-[RTL]fdp.exe

where [RTL] is the right to left override character.

Thanks. I will try that and get back to you.