Problems with reaver and mana-toolkit

First, it seems reaver simply does not give me anything but errors when I run it on a WPS brute force.

Second, I can not install mana-toolkit on Kali. It looks like it is not in the repo anymore or it is referred to as something else. I am stuck on the Rogue AP section trying to figure this issue out.

I am running the latest version of Kali via VMware. Should I be running an older version instead? like 2017?

Hi Dnercesian,

Try to follow these steps in order to install mana creating honeypots, so please open the terminal, and execute the following to clone mana toolkit repo:

cd /opt
git clone
cd mana/run-mana

Now you should have the configuration files which are:

hostapd-mana.conf @ /opt/mana/run-mana/conf/hostapd-mana.conf @ /opt/mana/run-mana/

Please note that you have to install mana before trying to edit anything in the directory. You can install it by executing the installer script in /opt/mana/


Repo Contents along with the required files

You can edit the above files exactly as shown in the lecture, and run it exactly the same way as Zaid runs it. The only difference is the locations of the files as shown above after you clone the repo in the /opt directory.

Note: Please edit the hostapd-mana.conf from /etc/mana-toolkit/hostapd-mana.conf as shown in the lecture.

leafpad /etc/mana-toolkit/hostapd-mana.conf

Then run it by executing:

bash /opt/mana/run-mana/

Please let me know if you face any issues. Thank you.

I do not have a /opt directory. Should it be there in root or do I need to create the folder?

Here is what I get when I create the /opt directory and follow these instructions.

./ line 14: /usr/lib/mana-toolkit/hostapd: No such file or directory. Hit enter to kill me

The opt directory is for optional programs. It should be located after the root directory which is equivalent to / and it already comes in Kali, so try to navigate to opt by cd /opt/mana after you clone the repo as shown above.

Then install the toolkit before you run it when you navigate to /opt/mana:

After you install the tool, you can then edit the configuration file to setup the toolkit, and run it to start the fake AP:

Edit the configuration file

leafpad /etc/mana/mana-toolkit/hostapd-mana.conf

Start the AP

bash /opt/mana/run-mana/

Please don’t hesitate to contact if you need anything else.

I have done everything here and edited the configuration properly. When I execute:

bash /opt/mana/run-mana/

I get the following error:
/root/opt/mana/run-mana/ line 14: /usr/lib/mana-toolkit/hostapd: No such file or directory. Hit enter to kill me

Can I see the result of?

  • ifconfig BEFORE starting mana
  • The contents of
  • The contents of hostapd-mana.config

Can I also see a screenshot of Kali’s network settings please?
So just right click the Kali machine in Virtual Box >> Setting >> Network, take a screenshot and post it here please.

Also can you please give me the exact model of your adapter?

Now I have another suggestion for you, but just to make sure is setup as it should be.

Thank you.

While executing bash file it is showing me line 14: There is no such directory /usr/lib/mana-toolkit/hostapd , There is no directory in mana-toolkit name hostapd it is empty, I even tried copying hostapd from mana git and pasted the directory in the folder, but it is not working

An instructor, Zaid, has a customized version of Kali for VirtualBox that may work for you. I haven’t tried it yet.

You can try also the following post as a step by step procedure on how to start the fake AP assuming that your adapter support AP mode (master mode):

did you get the solution for this… i am having same error as yours

I had used wifi-pumpkin tool instead of mana tool kit. Wifi pumpkin is simple and its a gui based tool so we can create hotspot using this tool. So install wifi-pumpkin tool, that would work.

appreciate your reply… i have one wireless adapter card for making accessing point, do i need to have another card or Ethernet cable for providing internet to victims or i can do it with my mobile hotspot…
Can you provide me link from where you learnt to use wifi-pumpkin

You should have a wireless adapter card to make an access point the victim should be connected to that access point, there is no need of any another ethernet cable or another card, your system will already have internet, so the victim will have network connection once he is connected to your access point, later you can sniff the data using MITMF (Man in the Middle Framework Tool)

Wifi-Pumpkin Tool link :
Any more clarifications feel free to ask.

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how my laptop will have internet… i use my mobile hotspot to connect my laptop to internet…
so i use laptop wifi to connect to mobile hotspot… in fake access point my laptop will provide hotspot to others to connect… wifi and hotspot can not be on at the same time

You require a wifi adapter (small device also known as wifi reciever to create a hotspot) wifi-pumpkin uses this device to create a hotspot, you shouldn’t create hotspot with your laptop