Programming/Coding/Scripting for Cybersecurity

Hi guys,

An age old question and one that has been discussed numerous times before on different forums. But I am after a more specific answer to the one usually provided.

The more I delve into ethical hacking, the more I realise how important it is to have a good grasp of coding concepts, scripting and various programming languages. Coming from a non-IT background and really only having a broad theoretical knowledgebase from CompTIA certs, it is overwhelming to be confronted with so many things to learn. I know its not meant to be easy, but how do you not get discouraged when learning ethical hacking concepts is only the start. As I see it, it is imperative to know atleast Python, Ruby, HTML and Javascript in addition to a sound knowledge of operating systems. I would rather not have to google the most basic stuff if I can build a better foundation. But how does one remember everything, especially as most of these are keyboard skills requiring regular practice?

I have a lot to say but wont bore you with details. I was referred to W3Schools for scripting/coding. I think its great, but more so a reference tool than providing a structured learning pathway. What is your opinion of Codecademy? I have tried it for a couple days and am finding it beginner friendly. I am after the biggest bang for buck for someone who only wants to know enough coding/scripting to be a good ethical hacker. A lot of these courses are geared towards developers so they go and on.

Apologies if its not concise. Just laid down what I’ve been thinking. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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I know it’s only Python. But I learned a lot from Zaid.

(although the content is getting a bit older now. So a lot of Trial and Error) I’m also still a noob at coding. But because of Zaid I can now read a lot of code. (writing is another story) I’m also curious if anyone has a good tip.

But a tip. Because I think StationX is great for the rest, I hate to say this. For courses on coding I prefer to use Udemy (for the questions and answers)

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Hey Sam,

I can understand your frustration, there are two ways to go about it.

You can learn python with a view of a software developer, in which case this 52 week free course would be probably one of the best ones you could do : Quokka | David Bombal

Or you could learn python with a view of hacking and scripting exclusively in which case there are multiple options including the one Edwin posted about:

and more on the market that you could find with sustained research.

Hope these help.

PS: The Udemy ones I linked are ones that I have enrolled in myself and found useful.


Thanks for the resources @Edwin and @SenjuDUchiha. Really appreciate it. I will definitely look at them.

Haha yeah it does get frustrating at times, some days more than others. Sometimes we get caught in the trap of wanting to know everything right now. I am going to try and learn 1 or 2 languages that should build the foundation, probably Python and HTML/Javascript.

My new timetable looks like this:
Mon, Tue, Wed: Study for exam (currently CySA+)
Thu, Fri: Practice CTF’s
Sat, Sun: Coding/Scripting

No rest for the wicked…if I can keep this up for another 15 years, hopefully should be enough to be a competent ethical hacker :joy:

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For everything I want to do I need 10 lives. Anything that has a button or a light on it is interesting to me. (so yes you are busy these days haha)

My new timetable looks like this:
Mon, Tue, Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat.Sun: Work + Study for exam (currently CySA+) + playing Overwatch +Netflix

time is flying

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Haha I forgot Work + PUBG + YouTube + Netflix.

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Thanks for the share Edwin. I have been travelling and downloaded Certify Breakfast CySA+ on my phone so I can listen when there’s no wifi. Been pretty good. But travelling has set back my prep by at least a month.

There is more to life than certificates. lol But if you have time it’s good content. Have a good trip!

I know, but I do it by choice. Also been doing the Try Hack Me Advent of Cyber 3 during the break.