Programming part in CompTIA IT Fundamentals (FC0-U61) Practice Tests

Hi there,

I have just completed this course and went on to do the practice test. I passed in the first go, but many of my incorrect answers are related to the programming questions. I really want to understand this part of the course, and I feel the course content is limited in this aspect. Where (In what section/subsection in the course material) for example would I find the answer to this question?

I am just curious as to whether other aspiring IT professionals on this forum struggled with this part as well, and if not, where they found the information needed to be able to answer the programming questions. :slight_smile:


I would ask @Edwin , he has experience with CompTIA certs

@Osmaniac88 I have no idea what kind of question this is. This is typically a Total Seminars question. And trust me. You really aren’t going to get questions like this on the real exam.

I would ask here once if he has a Q&A.