Progress not tracking

Hello, I am working through Volume 1, and after reaching What is Phishing, Vishing, and Smishing in section 3 my progress no longer updates. Initially I had this issue from the very start, but turning off my VPN solved it. Now, even with the VPN off, the progress does not update. I have tried clicking “Complete and Continue,” switching browsers (have tried FireFox, Chrome, and Edge), and have turned off add-ons for each browser. Any ideas on further troubleshooting?

Also, when completing each video, autoplay will sometimes loop back to the Description of Training at the very beginning of the course. I’m guessing because this too has not and will not mark complete.

I can keep working through the course without the completion functionality, but having the completion marked each day makes it much easier to start the next.

Thanks for any help.

Never heard of this issue before. Maybe try clearing your cache from the browser. IT has worked before for other video play issues. If it persists, we will dig deeper.

Thanks for the help! Clearing the cache worked. Though progress tracking still does not work with the VPN (Mullvad) turned on. Maybe that’s intentional.

Update if anyone else is using Mullvad and has these troubles. The built in adblocker is what prevents the progress tracker from functioning properly.