Purism Laptop

I was just wondering your thoughts on the Librem Laptop for security and privacy. There is so much information in your course’s and so many ways to customize things. Are you familiar with Purism and does it offer relatively good protection out of the box in your opinion. It has Coreboot and PureOS which is Debian based. Im obviously looking to simplify some of the process.

Yes it is a laptop that I recommend on the course. I highly recommend. A little pricey but good for security and privacy.

You can use Debian on it (which I favour) without issue and also Qubes OS.

Installing Debian stretch on Purism Librem laptops is very easy, as all the hardware is supported in Debian main, without binary blobs required to operate.

The Purism Librem laptops were built to support strict GNU/Linux systems, so it makes sense installing Debian stretch on Purism laptops would be easy.

Purism currently offers two laptops, the Librem 13 and the Librem 15. Since the graphics hardware is supported in stretch but not yet backported to jessie, we went ahead and documented this for Debian stretch.