Pycharm - scapy.ARP issue

Hi, just wanted to see if there’s a way to resolve a warning i get in pyCharm.

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When using

import scapy.all as scapy 
arpRequest = scapy.ARP()

I’m receiving a warning ( the program runs, but the warning is of course annoying)


Cannot find reference 'ARP' in ''

Any ideas :slight_smile:?

did you find a solution to this problem because i have the same problem and i wasn’t able to solve it

Hello zaki,

I have unfortunately had a bit to much in school in order the have a second look at it so haven’t found a solution yet.

Ok this strange, I think you’re getting this error due to the naming of the variable arpRequest. In python classes use capital letters, therefore, naming the variable something like that will obviously produce the error you’re getting. Also, please run the program in terminal and not pycharm IDE.