Pynput won't download

I wad doing fine on the course I’ve been doing for a year. Zaid’s “Learn Python and Ethical Hacking from Scratch” course. On was on the keylogger section. I was on the second lecture. The lecture said I need to install pynput. This is where the problem comes in. I tried every way I could to get it installed but nothing worked. Pip3 gave the same error as regular pip if you’re wondering. Could someone help me fix this? Any help would be appreciated.

I tried installing pynput on both python 2.x and 3.x and I was successfully able to do it.

Also, use python 3.x as python 2 has been deprecated. python 3 is the way to go

Would the command be ‘pip3 install pynput’ or is there some other stuff I need to add

I tried ‘pip3 install pynput’. It gave pretty much the same error as the error I got for ‘pip install pynput’. So I can cross that out.

here’s a picture

Is there a difference if I use the QTerminal instead of Terminator?

I just tried using the QTerminal instead of Terminator. Same results.

It is the issue with pip. maybe try this command: python -m pip install pynput

Um I acidently deleted python 1 a while ago. using python2 instead just gives the same error as literally every other command I’ve used.

How can I install a FUNCTIONAL python 1?
Usually when I get python from the website it gives a giant folder that’s nothing like the file that ran python that was pre-installed with kali. The one that was preinstalled was an individual file. When I download python, it gives me a folder.
Edit: is there another tab of the python website for Kali Linux downloads? if there is, where is it?

Oh nevermind I got it to work this time. Thanks for all the help Apurv-StationX. :slight_smile:

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