Python and linux

i have a problem running my python scripts on the terminal when changing my mac in the second module with python & ethical hacking,its only giving errors on the terminal what might to be the problem?

What’s the error?

Thats the error display on the terminal when running my python scripts.

Try - sudo python3 As this is changing mac address you have to use sudo privileges to run it

Hello i’m still having problems its displaying the same errors.

just saying SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not permitted, the error message.

Try to stop your interface and restart by using this
sudo ifconfig eth0 down and then sudo ifconfig eth0 up
Put your interface name instead of eth0. You can get your interface name by using ifconfig or ip a
ONce the interface is up back then run your macchanger command.
Also please share screenshots of exactly what commands you are running

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sorry for the late reply I having been busy now its working after doing what you told me but now then after finishing the unit I had some errors on my python scripts while running them though I wrote them well. And its refusing again the errors are here and also the python scripts.

You are running the script wrong. You have to provide additional arguments for this program as written in the program itself. I would highly suggest learning basics of python before using any of the scripts. It will help you a lot in understanding what the program does.