Q. about operating system

Q. MR. House I have downloaded an operating system and found that it is not ovf but is ova and as a result it was unrecognized by both VMware and Virtual box so do you have any idea what I can do to get some operating system that works for I tried your dev.windows.com and this is the problem I had

Both ova and ovf are supported by Virtual Box. What error are you getting while importing the file and also how are you importing it?

@Apurv-StationX thanks for answering
I downloaded it from osboxes and some of your other links like dev.windows.com and when I go to import and the document thing (choose your virtual file) I go to downloads (which is where the file is) and it’s not there even though it’s here if I simply opened downloads so I can’t even say what the error is
Edit but in VMWare it tells me the error is corrupt file

Maybe your download is not complete. I have never faced such issue while importing proper ova or ovf file. Can you share a screenshot or a video of what you are doing and what error are you getting?

@ Apurv-StationX thanks for replying

that’s how I downloaded it and it won’t be an option to take the only thing I found is an old windows 7 operating system that works but what I would like is a more up to date system and even if was up to date I kind of would like to know how and why the downloads aren’t options if you have any idea why please reply

I don’t understand. You are downloading virtual machine disk. This si not ova or ovf file. To download ova or ovf download form oxboxes official website - Kali Linux Virtual Machine Images For VMware and VirtualBox. To download Windows 10 VM, you can do it from Windows official website (Just google).

@ Apurv-StationX thanks for replying
so I did go to the official websites both on windows and on OSBoxes but for when I go to OSBoxes the pages above is where it sends me auto. after I have clicked your link (which I have gotten to) as for the official web. of windows I went there to but that’s not where I am having the problem my biggest problem is that it’s not recognized as an operating system and I get stuck right there when it asks for where it is

For the osboxes thing, you will have virtual machine disk. Importing that is not the same as importing a ova or ovf file. Read this on importing vmdk file - https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-import-vmdk-files-into-vmware. For the Winows one, attach a screenshot of what file it is not recognizing. share screenshots