Qubes on VM

Hi @NathanHouse ,
So I noticed throughout your course that you mention Qubes and its features for security.

I would love to start working with it, but I haven’t found a way yet.

I’m on a Mac using VMWare and Virtualbox for different Guest OS’s.

Is there a way I can test it on on a VM and start using it?
I’ve downloaded the ISO file from Qubes website, but I haven’t found anything to work when I try to load it into a VM. I tried OSBoxes image, and that doesn’t work either. I won’t seem to start up on my VM once I’ve uploaded the file into a VM.

Do I need to download a vm like Debian first and then install Qubes on it? If so, how would I do this.
I feel like if searched everywhere and find an answer to this question.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @RachelVB, You can use Qubes OS as a VM on any machine. It just needs to support the hardware. Have a look at system requirements (https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/system-requirements/) and hardware compatibility lists (https://www.qubes-os.org/hcl) on Qubes website and see if it works with your Mac or not.

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