I just have a quick question in terms of the seperate windows used in Qubes OS which are identified by different colours such as personal and banking etc…

Does only the user running the system see the colour border, or would a potential attacker see the border as well? I noticed this wasn’t really mentioned and it just got me thinking a little. If the borders are seen by attackers wouldn’t this ultmately deter them away for any attack if they were at least able to screenshot your system perhaps by a RAT?

Hi @E1hanG, they both are separate systems within Qubes. It’s just a visual thing that you see within Qubes. An attacker getting access to one system does not allow him to see another system. If he is using a RAT, then he will only be allowed to get a screenshot or execute specific processes within that particular system itself and not the other systems.

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Thanks so much! That makes a lot of sense, this has clarified a lot for me. Much appreciated! :slight_smile: