Raspberry pi 3 as firewall

Is it possible to configure it as raspberry pi 3 as hardware firewall or TOR gateway (like in Whonix)? Are there benefits and weaknesses?

This is covered in volume 3. There are a few examples out there


I might be a little slow depending on your needs. For pros and cons see volume 3 as its a complex web.

Hi Nathan. I’m curious your view on this article I added. But it seems a reasonable additional resource to your existing tuition and the above link. (I have Volume 3 running in Udemy and the complete set running her in Station X).

VPN Your IoT & Media Devices with a Raspberry Pi PIA Routertraffic

you probably found the answer already tariq. However the link i posted to Nathan above maybe fun or helpful to have a look at.

Interesting. But if you run a router/firewall like pfsense you can do it to any device on the network.

Thanks for reply Nathan.
I’m enjoying using and "learning’ with pfSense. I’m pacing through it slowly (but on a couple of the full scale devices here at lab that are outward facing). Haven’t yet tried install of it on Pi.

Again, i’m really enjoying your courses and how you present.