Raspberry PI images for Kali and Damn Vulnerable targets

HI everyone.
Really enjoying Nathan’s course and the delivery format. - Congrats to you.:pray::grinning:
I’m new to Station X and wanted to throw some links I find helpful.
I’ve set up several home labs including virtual machines a few low cost Raspberry Pi units. This gives me a versatile small LAB network that is affordable and clean LEGAL private way to test things out securely and improve my skills.
White Dome Consulting nicked as Re4son, wrote a very reliable Kernel for Raspberry Pi. He also set up ready to install images of Kali and 3 targets call DV (damn vulnerable) so you can just run them on 3 or 4 PI’s and really practice skill sets. They also work on Pi Zeros.

Link are below:
Re4son-Kernel for Raspberry Pi
Sticky Fingers Kali-Pi Image
Damn Vulnerable Raspberry Pi image

Hope its of use to fellow learners here.
cheers everyone