RED Team EH Course Volume 1

Hello everybody. Hope everyone’s doing great.

I am facing an issue right now with going through the section in my course. I got stuck on the point where I have to install on my virtual machine “windows server 2016” while I carry MacBook Air m1 laptop… It doesn’t work and doesn’t even want to emulate and run any .iso when it comes to windows 2016… I did try through “UTM” it somehow worked but it was very slow so I tried to boost performance through the setting but it does still work as as it was in the beginning. I can’t do much when its working like that… VMware doesn’t actually work on windows coz of the processor , Parallel work but only with Windows 11, that so I’m running out of solutions as I can’t go further. Is there anybody can help me out to deal with that?

Thank you for your attention.

Hi, @valeriionufriiev I’m on this module too. What VM is compatible with M1 to install “windows server 2016”?

Kindly help us with this @Apurv-StationX


Hi, this is an issue with M1 or M2 macs. You cannot use old OSes VM with them as they will not work correctly. The only solution is you get a spare laptop just for this stuff.

Alternatively, you can learn and use docker to get Windows server frameworks and API. Read here - Windows Container Base Images | Microsoft Learn

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