Red Team Windows 16 server

Hey so I get this error when trying to boot Windows Server 2016 in VM

And then it just ends my session and does it all over again.
Any ideas of how to fix this?

Where did you install the OS from?

The Microsoft Website like the lecture told me


this can happen if you use dynamic memory and you have, for example, 512mb ram as start up memory.

VM with Windows Server is sometimes needed at least 700 mb as a start up memory, try to increase to at least 700 MB this should help.

or if you use VMWARE workstation remove the virtual floppy drive VMW adds by default


So it had 2 Gigs of ram (I made sure too add that when I originally set it up)
and I turned off the floppy drive and it did nothing as well.

Anything else I can try?

Did you try virtualbox if you are using vmware or vmware if you are using virtualbox?

I am using Virtual Box

You should try virtualbox then and see if you get same problem